Tom Perez baring Fox News from hosting 2020 Democratic Primary debates.

Chris Wallace, anchor of Fox News Sunday, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about Chair of the Democratic National Committee Tom Perez baring Fox News from hosting 2020 Democratic Primary debates.

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Here’s more ridiculousness from Democrats trying to make Fox News look like it’s somehow worse than every other MSM media company in the country that sucked up to Obama for eight years.
DNC Chairman Tom Perez has just announced that he’s banning Fox News from hosting any Democratic debates because he doesn’t think they can be ‘fair’. Seriously.

What a joke. There were Democrats in the media CRYING when Obama got elected in 2008 (we were crying too, but for a different reason) and then proceeded to give him a pass on almost everything he did. They made Republicans look like the bad guys for trying to hold Obama accountable.
Yet now Democrats want to suggest Fox News can’t be fair because some of their opinion journalists like Sean Hannity are close to Trump? Hypocrisy through and through.
Look I can understand if they don’t want Sean Hannity or Tucker Carlson to host a Democratic debate. Let the hard news folks like Bret Baier do it. You can even through in Shep Smith. Problem solved. But don’t pretend that Fox News is any different than any other mainstream media outlet in the country. You know the old saying: “when you point a finger there are three fingers pointing right back at you.”
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I mean, they kinda asked for it – Trump is responding back in kind to the DNC snowflaking away from debates on Fox News.

Hilarious. And really, who holds all the cards here? The no-name Democrats that most people have no idea about, or the president of the most powerful country on Earth? I definitely think Dems will cave on this one because they know at the end of the day that Fox News will not be biased in presenting a debate between democrats and Trump.