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Dr. Anthony Fauci tells Dana Bash that US Covid-19 cases are headed in the “right direction,” but the US should be careful not to prematurely declare victory.

  Chief medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci  was on CNN this morning, as usual, being asked whether or not kids can go outside on Halloween and how soon adults who complied with the vaccine push will be permitted their freedoms. CNN asks Fauci a LOT about how much longer they can continue to enjoy Americans being pushed around. It’s one of their favorite subjects, and the salivate for him to make dire predictions and demand absurd restrictions. This time, he told Dana Bash it’s tough to say when (and the “if ever” was heavily implied) American citizens will be released from the yoke of the CDC’s absolute authority over their every move and actual breath. Youtube Rumble Dailymotion If youtube link die, open Rumble or Dailymotion. Official video by Học Để Thi | Breaking News, Latest News and Videos "You can get out there – you'