US diplomats at Kabul embassy WARNED the State Dept of a ‘possible catastrophe’ with Biden pullout plan

Ask a Grown Woman: Tig Notaro (“You’re great. We’re all great.” Plus more words to live by from one of our favorite comedians/writers/geniuses.)

Ask a Grown Man: Thom Yorke and Nigel Godrich (In which the two guys behind Atoms for Peace take a break from making music to work on your love lives.)

Ask a Grown Man: Jimmy Fallon (“Don’t be climbing in his window at night like Dawson’s Creek.”)

Ask a Grown Man: Alex Karpovsky (“Definitely deny the fact that there’s a nanny-cam inside the teddy bear,” and other words to live by.)

Sunday Video: Ask a Grown Woman With Tegan and Sara (They’ve been waiting their whole lives to do this.)

Ask a Grown Woman: Paula Pell - “You probably are a gay person”—and other diagnoses from the self-professed Worst Kisser on the East Coast.

Ask a Grown Man: Danny Pudi - “Dudes are dudes, especially 17-year-old dudes,” and other words of wisdom.

Ask a Grown Man: Mike Birbiglia - “Do boys like high-waisted jeans?” And other matters of grave concern.

Ask a Grown Woman : Musician Kaia Wilson - Closeted girlfriends, crushes, and standing up for your rights

Ask a Grown Man: Judd Apatow - “The most important person in the world is you!”

Gillian Jacobs Is Here to Help (There were awkward sexual encounters and drunken hookups to address!)

Gillian Jacobs Is Here to Help (“Drop the pretend holiday boyfriend” and other useful advice.)

Ask a Grown Man: Jon Hamm (“Everybody farts.”)

Ask a Grown Man: B.J. Novak (Do looks matter? Why are guys so cocky?)

Ask a Grown Man: Dave Hill (What do people do on dates?!)

Ask a Grown Woman - Chicago rapper Psalm One. (Liking girls a LOT, finding queer friends, and coming out.)

Ask a Grown Man: Paul Rudd (What is the deal with boobs? Can girls and boys ever be “just friends”?)

Ask a Grown Man: Hannibal Buress (Advice on ALL THE DIFFERENT KINDS OF BOYS, and how to deal with them.)

Ask a Grown Man: Damian Kulash (Sexism in the music industry and loveeeeee.)

Ask a Grown Man: Kurt Braunohler (Inaugural edition.)

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