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Trump says tax returns release will ‘lead to horrible things for so many people’ – as it happened

  Michael Cohen reacts to Trump's tax returns: "Donald's time has come" Former Trump attorney Michael Cohen and investigative reporter for The New York Times David Fahrenthold discuss with Nicolle Wallace the release of the former president's tax returns by the House Ways and Means Committee and what the release means for Trump going forward. Trump has won against the January 6th Committee. According to Harmeet Dhillon last night, the January 6th Committee has dropped their subpoena of Trump to testify before the committee. “After my firm filed suit on separation of powers grounds to block January 6 House Select Committee’s illegitimate subpoena to President Trump over his activities while president— the committee waved the white flag & withdrew subpoena.”   Trump responds to release of returns Donald Trump has responded to the release of his tax returns by Democrats on the House ways and means committee, saying that they “show how proudly successful I have be

Figures on CNN and MSNBC claimed the Trump-appointed judge was ‘corrupt’ and that the decision would benefit the former president.

  A Trump-appointed judge granted Donald Trump's special master request, thereby delaying parts of the Justice Department's criminal probe. “When you allow Republicans to control the courts you get nothing,” legal expert Elie Mystal says to Joy Reid, adding his view that, “Trump judges do not believe in the rule of law.” Following a federal judge’s ruling to grant former President Trump a special master to review evidence obtained by FBI agents from his Mar-a-Lago estate, left-leaning media figures on MSNBC and CNN cried foul, and slammed the judge for her decision.  MSNBC’s "The ReidOut" host Joy Reid hosted an entire panel of disgruntled interviewees on Monday, with guests claiming that the judge’s decision was wrong and "corrupt," among other things. "Trump—he always looks at things as my or mine. My generals, my Kevin, my classified documents, my judges. Apparently he’s got one," Reid said as she smirked.  She then past on the baton to frequ