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Hillary Clinton says she 'will never be out of the game of politics'

 Hillary Clinton said Monday she "will never be out of the game of politics," saying that while she doesn’t have plans to run for "anything," she will be "involved." During an interview with ABC News’ "Good Morning America" Monday, the former 2016 Democratic presidential nominee, former secretary of state, former Democratic senator from New York and former first lady said she will remain in the political world, even without mounting a bid for public office. "I will never be out of the game of politics," Clinton said, adding, "I’m not going to be running for anything," but said she feels "our democracy is at stake." Clinton cited insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6, "disinformation" on Facebook and more. "I really feel our democracy is at stake, and there’s many reasons for that," she said. "Some of them we saw on the screen with the insurrection, some of them because of the revelations abou

Bundesrichterin befiehlt Hillary Clinton, von JUDICIAL WATCH abgesetzt zu werden!

Judicial Watch hat heute gerade eine große Punktzahl von einem Bundesrichter erhalten, der ihrer Bitte zustimmte, Hillary Clinton unter Eid über ihren privaten E-Mail-Server abzusetzen: FOX NEWS  – A federal judge Monday granted a request from conservative watchdog group Judicial Watch to have former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sit for a sworn deposition to answer questions about her use of a private email server to conduct government business. Was komisch ist, ist, dass der Richter erkannt hat, dass Hillarys frühere Antworten auf Fragen dazu schrecklich waren: Clinton has argued that she has already answered questions about this and should not have to do so again, but D.C. District Court Judge Royce C. Lamberth said in his ruling that her past responses left much to be desired. “As extensive as the existing record is, it does not sufficiently explain Secretary Clinton’s state of mind when she decided it would be an acceptable practice to set up and use a private

Hillary Clinton: Anyone other than Trump would have been indicted for obstruction

Hillary Clinton believes the obstruction case against Trump is so strong that if it were anyone else they would be indicted for obstruction. She blames the DOJ rule that says a sitting president can’t be indicted: FOX NEWS  – Hillary Clinton said Tuesday she believes Donald Trump would have been indicted in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s probe if he weren’t president, though stopped short of calling for his impeachment. Clinton, the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, argued during a Q&A session in New York that Mueller’s report “could not be clearer” in making the case Trump tried to obstruct the Russia investigation — even though Mueller did not come to an explicit conclusion on that question. “I think there’s enough there that any other person who had engaged in those acts would certainly have been indicted,” Clinton said at the “Time 100 Summit.” “But because of the rule in the Justice Department that you can’t indict a sitting president, the whole matter of