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Some great CNN' show talking about Donald Trump and The Mueller report

CNN's Erin Burnett discusses the Trump administration telling a federal court that the entire Affordable Care Act should be struck down -- a dramatic reversal of its previous position. Watch: The very lovely Mary Katherine Ham doesn’t disappoint in this new clip of her on CNN today. In it she eviscerates Trump critics who refuse to accept the findings of the Mueller report and are suggesting that Trump colluded. She even calls them out for “fervently” hoping that Trump would be guilty. Watch: I love that right when she made the comment about ‘not setting the bar’ so low, the dude with the pink tie (can’t remember his name) was sitting there shaking his head thinking exactly that. Which is honestly a ridiculous notion anyway. Nobody is setting the bar too low. Trump had always said he didn’t collude and it turns out that he was right all along. We’re just happy the findings agreed with what he’d always said and that it’s over. But more than that, I love how