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Mayor Sylvester Turner with an impassioned, emotional explanation about why he made the decision to cancel the Texas GOP convention in Houston.

Wow. The Houston mayor made good on his promises to shut down the GOP convention because of the coronavirus spike in Texas. Sylvester Turner: "🚨 I have asked Houston First to cancel the Texas GOP convention. At 3pm, Houston First sent a letter to the GOP that they are canceling the event. 🚨" More: — Heidi Heitkamp (@HeitkampHeidi) July 9, 2020 In making the announcement, the Democrat spoke in deeply personal terms about the memory of his late mother to explain his decision. "The linchpin for me (was) when one of the people on my staff, combined with my sister, who said to me, 'mayor, brother, your mom was a maid working at these hotels. And if your mom was alive today working at one of these hotels (would) you as the mayor still allow this convention to go forth and run the risk of infecting your mom?' " he said. "And the answer is no." See Also :  White House Press Secretary K