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"Trate de controlar su emoción": Peter King llama al anfitrión de MSNBC sobre la emoción en la nueva investigación de Trump

En un intercambio increíble, Peter King llama a Katy Tur por su entusiasmo por una nueva investigación del comité inaugural de Trump. Primero, mira el intercambio: Aquí hay más a través de Free Beacon: Rep. Peter King (R., N.Y.) told MSNBC host Katy Tur on Tuesday to control her "excitement" over the numerous investigations into President Donald Trump. "Come on, hey, come on Katy, you’re so excited over this. You’re talking about all the potential, all that could be there, and so far nothing’s come out. And maybe it will, who knows?" King said. At the beginning of her show, Tur talked about a report from Monday that federal investigators subpoenaed Trump’s inaugural committee to turn over all documents about donors, finances and activities. She then went to talk about the numerous of investigations that are looking into Trump's affairs. "It's another investigation, add to the many investigations into the president, and he's the p