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'The View' and 'Fox News' vehemently defend vilified St. Louis couple

"The View"  co-hosts accused a  St. Louis, Missouri , couple of overreacting by brandishing firearms when a group of protesters trespassed on their property. The incident occurred on Sunday, when protesters allegedly broke the fence leading to Mark and Patricia McCloskey's property. Footage of the encounter went viral with both pointing their guns at the protesters. "No. 1: if I were protesters, I would not appreciate having an AR-15 headed my way or a woman who seems crazed with her finger on the trigger," co-host  Joy Behar  said. "I would not enjoy that at all. I don't think any of these protesters had weapons." "The only other thing I wanted to say was that they claim that they are Black Lives Matter supporters. In that case, why not go out to these protesters and say 'I appreciate that you're protesting, I agree with you'? Acknowledge what they're doing and ... and basically sort of neutralize the possibility of

Whoopi Goldberg comments came as HBO Max pulled "Gone with the Wind" from its programming

Goldberg argued that Americans should be careful about retracting part of our history and instead suggested that "Gone with the Wind" could feature a disclaimer at the beginning of the film. "Personally I think if you put things in a historical context — because if you start pulling every film ... you're going to have to pull all of the blaxploitation movies because they're not depicting us the right way," said Goldberg, the second African-American woman to win an Academy Award for acting. "That's a very long list of films. If you put, before you show the film: Listen, this was shot when things were different, and we don't, you know, we don't do this anymore, that's what — you have to put something in context, and I think with 'Cops,' listen, if you balance the people you arrest — if you arrested everybody, if you make it widespread — white people, yellow people, brown people. If everybody's getting arrested, you can h

"The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg urges end to looting: 'You've destroyed too many people's dreams'

"The View" co-host Whoopi Goldberg  had a direct message to looters who have caused havoc in recent days following the death of George Floyd. Goldberg began her video post on Instagram by suggesting that the punishment for a cop to unjustly kill a civilian while in custody should be as severe as a criminal killing a cop as a way to "level the playing field" in hopes that it will result with "more respect" between the police and black communities. She quickly pivoted her message to the looters that have plagued cities across the country amid the protests. "People are coming out and saying 'You know, this is enough. Enough is enough.' Parents, moms and dads are walking with their kids, which is another reason why all you looters, you need to stop because you've destroyed too many people's dreams around the country," Goldberg said. "You have made it impossible for a lot of people to get back to their lives." &q

"The View" co-hosts defend Bloomberg over racial comments by pointing to Trump

Whoopi Goldberg  and  Joy Behar  attempted to defend former New York City Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate  Michael Bloomberg  by pointing to past statements from President Trump. During Tuesday's show, Goldberg said she couldn't get upset about Bloomberg's or other candidates' comments until Trump apologizes for what he said on the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape. "Everybody has stepped in it," she said, referring to Trump's and Bloomberg's previous statements. "And so, I guess I can't get freaked out until somebody apologizes for the [grab them by the p---y comment]," she said, as ABC bleeped her words. "Once you apologize for that, then I'll get mad about everything else, but I want everybody to stop eating each other," Goldberg added, before suggesting the reaction to Bloomberg was excessive. During a PBS interview in 2011, Bloomberg cited an "enormous cohort of black and Latino ma