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MSNBC’s Morning Joe says President Trump doesn’t appear to want to win reelection

Is Trump someone who wants to win re-election? “This does not look like a man who wants to win, who wants to be reelected,” Scarborough said, pointing to recent controversies such as Trump reportedly seeking China’s help and comments made about slowing down COVID-19 testing. “Time and time again, this guy, every day, acts like he doesn’t want to get reelected. He undercuts his aides who are trying to cover up for previous mistakes that he’s making, and the situation just keeps getting worse,” Scarborough said.  “You have to ask yourself, ‘Why is a guy who is down 10 points, 12 points, 14 points — why doesn’t he adjust?'” The MSNBC host then said Trump is “incapable” of adjusting, but at least knew “when to keep quiet” back in 2016. “Morning Joe” played a clip of Trump telling reporters on Tuesday that he wasn’t joking when it comes to slowing down coronavirus testing and that America has the best tests in the world. “The stupidity is incredible,” co-host  Mika Brz

Joe Biden leads 2020 Democratic presidential polls but will he live up to voters' expectations?

Former Vice President Joe Biden will announce his presidential bid Thursday morning with an online video, according to reports. But is Biden's plan causing concern among Democrats? The panel discusses. Biden was probably hoping to announce his candidacy for president tomorrow with much fanfare and praise from the media, but that’s not what he got from those on Morning Joe this morning. Both Joe Scarborough and John Heilemann don’t think it’s going to end well for Biden: Here’s the transcript from Newsbusters: JOE SCARBOROUGH: I have yet to talk to a Democratic activist or a Democratic fundraiser who is excited about Joe Biden getting in the race. And, I’ll take it a step further, and I’ve been surprised, but almost every Democrat, to a person, that I have spoken with is concerned that this is going to end badly for Joe Biden, and that he should not get into the race. And that is something I have heard repeatedly over the past several months. What about you? JOHN HEI