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Michael Beschloss: "We're living through a time where I can't predict to you whether we'll be living in a democracy five years from now or not. I hope we are."

MSNBC host Nicolle Wallace compared Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney’s views on "the existential threat of Trumpism" to the threat of radical Islamic terrorism after the September 11 attacks, even mentioning the congresswoman's father, former Vice President Dick Cheney.  Wallace made the comments Wednesday during a segment of her show, "Deadline: White House," about  the January 6 committee . "One of the things I think about all the time is Liz Cheney’s view of the existential threat of Trumpism as representing flashing red, danger to our democracy," she said. "I worked with her in the days and months and years after 9/11. It is the same way she talked about, and frankly her father talked about, the threat the homeland faced after 9/11." "She views Trump as an existential danger to our democracy," Wallace continued, before turning to NBC News presidential historian Michael Beschloss.  Beschloss responded that Cheney's role "makes a

Meghan McCain: Nicolle Wallace, other campaign aides treated Sarah Palin 'horribly, set her up for failure'

Meghan McCain said Tuesday on "Hannity" that her father's aides like MSNBC's Nicolle Wallace treated Sarah Palin "horribly" and set her up for "failure" during his 2008 presidential campaign. McCain, who is promoting her new Audible book "Bad Republican," also took a shot at journalist Katie Couric, who conducted Palin's widely panned interview when she was John McCain's Republican running mate, and recently admitted she sought to "protect" Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg from potentially damaging remarks in a 2016 interview. Asked by host Sean Hannity about McCain aides like Wallace and Steve Schmidt – who have since become left-wing media darlings  – not being invited to her father's funeral in 2018, McCain remarked she saw the treatment of the then-Alaska Governor in a new light. "I have a whole new lens of viewing how Sarah Palin was treated and how the people working for my father’s campaign reall