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The 5 Best Microsoft Products Ever in 2018

Microsoft tuy gặp rất nhiều khó khăn vì sự bùn phát của Smartphone với hệ điều hành android, nhưng không vì thế mà vị thế của Gã khổng lồ  bị lung lay. Trong năm 2018 này hãng tung ra nhiều sản phẩm tuyệt vời dành người dùng, trong số đó tuyệt vời nhất là 5 sản phẫm sau: MASH - While the ground all around Facebook burned (and continues to blaze), Apple was criticized for hiking up device prices and innovating at a slower pace, and social platforms made sweeping moves to combat fake news and their creators like Alex Jones, one tech company quietly rocketed to the top relatively unscathed with win after win. That company was Microsoft.  The Windows company started by Bill Gates and mismanaged by Steve Ballmer, has flourished under CEO Satya Nadella after he took over in 2014. Microsoft’s rise wasn’t the result of Windows 10 domination. With Nadella at the helm, Microsoft has diversified its portfolio beyond its bread-and-butter operating system, expanding to regions less sex