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The Cross Connection claims some Black media faces are 'not necessarily Black voices'

  Tiffany Cross goes in on ESPN anchor Sage Steele and other Black voices who "have been propped up by wealthy or powerful white Americans." But as Tiffany notes, "And yet… we, the keepers of the culture, don’t really rock with any of them like that." Youtube Rumble Dailymotion If youtube link die, open Rumble or Dailymotion. Official video by Học Để Thi | Breaking News, Latest News and Videos MSNBC  weekend host Tiffany Cross had some harsh words for several Black media figures she considered "not necessarily Black voices" during her Saturday show.  See Also:   Dr. Anthony Fauci tells Dana Bash  that US Covid-19 cases are headed in the “right direction,” but the US should be careful not to prematurely declare victory. The "Cross Connection" host focused her monologue on notable Black figures