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Brit Hume Rips Steve King for Comments on "white nationalism, white supremacist and western civilization"

Brit Hume criticized Iowa Rep. Steve King (R) for asking how "white nationalism, white supremacist, [and] western civilization" became offensive terms, but warned journalists against throwing around the term "racist" with "abandon." "I'm sorry -- the juxtaposition of what's wrong with those terms and white supremacism is just too close for comfort," Hume said on "The Story." "This whole episode is testament to... the great achievement of the Civil Rights movement," he said. “I can kinda see his point” – Brit Hume BLASTS the New York Times for ‘racist’ Steve King timeline Hume then went on to blast the New York Times for their article today on all the racist things Steve King ever said, noting that they really weren’t racist. Hume said he might not agree with King’s statement, but said some of them were about Islam and Islam isn’t a race, it’s a faith. He then explained that journalists should NOT be invol

Steve King stimmt für seine eigene Tadel im Kongress

Das Haus hat Steve King heute mit 424 zu 1 überwältigt. Ich weiß, was Sie denken, das einzige Gegenstimme war Steve King - aber das war es nicht. Er hat tatsächlich für seine eigene Rüge gestimmt, weil er der Sprache, in der er White Supremacy verurteilte, zustimmte: DAILY MAIL  – Republican Congressman Steve King voted Tuesday for a resolution condemning himself for comments he made about white nationalism and white supremacy. ‘I agree with every word that you have put in this,’ King told Democratic lawmaker James Clyburn, who sponsored the resolution, in a speech on the House floor shortly before the vote. ‘So I want to ask my colleagues on both sides of the aisle let’s vote for this resolution. I’m putting up a yes on the board here because what you say is true, is right and is just,’ he added. The final vote was 424 yeas and one vote against it. Hier ein Video von einem Teil von Kings Rede auf der Etage des Hauses, wo er sagte, er würde dafür stimmen: Ich m