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Larry Kudlow agrega el contexto CRUCIAL en torno a la amenaza de Trump de cerrar la frontera

  CNBC se reunió con Larry Kudlow hoy y le preguntó sobre las consideraciones de Trump al cerrar la frontera. Kudlow, quien notó que está totalmente de acuerdo con Trump en la inmigración, dijo algo interesante sobre el plan de Trump para cerrar la frontera. Reloj: Kudlow señala que están trabajando en una forma de cerrar la frontera, pero permiten que los camiones que transportan carga sigan llegando: We’re watching it and looking for ways to allow the freight passage – some people call it truck roads. And there are ways you can do that which would ameliorate the breakdown in supply chains. The president’s positions on border security are well known. I support them fully. The numbers – 100,000 immigrants a month – it’s crazy. The question is can we deal with that and not have any economic damage. And I think the answer is that we can, and people are looking at different options. Particularly if you can keep those fright lanes, those truck lanes open. That’s pro