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MSNBC's Anand Giridharadas previously referred to Twitter CEO Elon Musk as a 'sociopath'

"I think something we often forget as Americans is that billionaires exist as a class of people who have that much money at our collective pleasure, right? It is a policy choice to allow some people to accumulate that much money, hundreds of billions of dollars, in the case of people in the United States before everybody has the chance to live with dignity, right? Other countries make that choice very differently. We have chosen historically to heavily prioritize having billionaires over having dignity for all people. And that’s a choice, I would just start by saying that we could make differently in the future," Giridharadas said. He added, "And so I wrote the piece to try to remind people of that choice we have. And last week was remarkable. I mean, I’ve written about billionaires for years and talked about these issues on this show. But it was hard to imagine a week when there was so many spectacular reminders of the way in which this kind of billionaire classes is in