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Psaki pressed on Hunter Biden art sales as Joe's nominee Garcetti seen at gallery show

  Q  I want to ask you separately: The ambassador-designate to India was seen, reportedly, at an event in Los Angeles last week at an art gallery event that featured the artwork of the President’s son, Hunter. The ethicists who have pointed to this arrangement have expressed concern that the President’s son selling art could potentially put the President in a situation where those who seek jobs either in this administration or favors from this administration could put this White House in an awkward position. Should — first of all, what is the White House’s response to the fact that an ambassador nominee was at this event? And secondly, should we expect to see more people who seek jobs in this administration attending events like this in the future? MS. PSAKI: Well, to be clear, we’ve spoken to the arrangement that is run by the gallerist and Hunter Biden’s representatives that the White House provided suggestions for. I’d refer you to the gallerist for questions about the event and