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Wall Street Journal: NRA chief executive says he was pressured to resign by group's president

In a Thursday letter to NRA board members, LaPierre said North asked him to resign on Wednesday. North told LaPierre the NRA’s longtime advertising firm, Ackerman McQueen, planned to send a letter to the board through North that would be “bad for me” unless he resigned. “Yesterday evening, I was forced to confront one of those defining choices — styled, in the parlance of extortionists — as an offer I couldn’t refuse,” the letter, which was obtained by the Wall Street Journal, read. “I refused it.” He also wrote that North said “the letter would not be sent — if I were to abruptly resign,” adding, “He stated that he could ‘negotiate’ an ‘excellent retirement’ for me.” Well this is getting weird now. Wayne LaPierre of the NRA told the board of directors that he was extorted by NRA prez Ollie North to resign. And the WAPO got the goods: BREAKING: NRA chief Wayne LaPierre claims he's being extorted and pressured to resign by NRA President Oliver North, over allegations of