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Democrat advisor Kurt Bardella: "The Republican Party has made a conscious decision... that the lives that are lost by guns in America don't matter to them."

  Democrat advisor Kurt Bardella claimed that Republicans swiftly passed the Patriot Act of 2001 only after a minority committed a crime. Appearing on MSNBC’s "The ReidOut" Thursday, Bardella called out what he saw as reprehensible behavior by Republicans who oppose new gun control measures following the mass shooting at Uvlade, Texas. While criticizing conservatives, he claimed that Republicans only pass swift measures after minorities commit crimes and cited the Patriot Act as one of them.  "We’re at a point here where, how many lives need to be lost? What’s the threshold for the pro-life party to finally decide that enough is enough. It’s interesting that when anyone that has a dark shade of skin commits a crime Republicans are willing to move at warp speed to do anything whether it’s build a wall, pass the Patriot Act, they’re willing to go to extreme measures anytime someone with a darker shade of skin commits a crime. But God forbid another gun crime ha