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Democratic freshman lawmaker Tlaib calls Mark Meadows a "RACIST"

“Just because someone has a person of color, a black person working for them, does not mean they aren’t racist and it is insensitive that some would even say, the fact that someone would actually use a prop, a black woman in this chamber, in this committee, is alone racist in itself.”  Rashida Tlaib aksed. An emotional Meadows fired back, saying Lynne Patton, a Trump aide and official at the Department of Housing and Urban Development, wanted to be present in support of President Trump. He asked that Tlaib's remarks be stricken from the record. “My nieces and nephews are people of color. Not many people know that. You know that, Mr. Chairman. And to indicate that I asked someone who is a personal friend of the Trump family, who has worked for him, who knows this particular individual (motioning to Cohen), that she’s coming in to be a prop -- it's racist to suggest that I asked her to come in here for that reason."  OK I have to admit that chairman Cummings play

Three freshman Democratic slam President Trump

Three freshman Democratic congresswomen seemed to relish their "radical" reputations Thursday night during the premiere of a late-night comedy program. U.S. Reps. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of New York, Rashida Tlaib of Michigan and Ilhan Omar of Minnesota appeared together on Showtime’s “Desus & Mero” show, starring the comedy team Desus Nice and The Kid Mero. During a segment taped at Ocasio-Cortez's office on Capitol Hill in Washington, the lawmakers shared their theories on why they have attracted so much media attention since taking office in January. “I think we have a beef with almost everyone here," Omar said of her fellow members of Congress, "because there’s a lack of courage and it seems like we’re radical because we deeply care about the people we represent and we want to throw down for them." "It seems like we’re radical because we deeply care about the people we represent and we want to throw down for them." — U.S. Re

Rashida Tlaib gibt pathetische NICHT-APOLOGIE heraus, wenn der Begriff "Mutter ******" für Trump verwendet wird

Rashida Tlaib entschuldigt sich jetzt, dass er sich vor ein paar Tagen auf Trump als "Mutter ******" bezogen hat. Aber nicht wirklich. In dem folgenden Video ist sie ziemlich klar, dass sie sich nur für die "Ablenkung" entschuldigt, die sie verursacht hat, als sie die vulgäre Sprache verwendet, und nicht für das tatsächliche Gefühl: Rep. Tlaib on "impeach the motherf—er" comment: "I don’t want anything that I do or say distract us. And that’s the only thing I will apologize for, is that it was a distraction … I want you to know that I will never apologize for being me, and for being passionate and upset"  Mit anderen Worten meinte sie jedes Wort davon. Es tut ihr nur leid, dass sie erwischt wurde. Weil sie eine wütende Frau der Farbe ist und sich dafür nicht entschuldigt! Sheesh Ich bin überrascht, dass sie die schwarze Frauenwelle (oder wie auch immer Sie es nennen) nicht bewegt hat.