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GOP Gov. Chris Sununu to Jen Psaki: Best argument against Trump is he’s ‘a loser’

  GOP Gov. Chris Sununu "very interested" in running for president A plea for a return to Republican values, from the 'Live Free or Die' state AMANPOUR: How black players transformed basketball and American society. Author Theresa Runstedtler speaks to Michel Martin about her new book on the generation that saved the NBA. Welcome to the program, everyone. I'm Christiane Amanpour in New York. It is a busy day in the nation's capital as South Korea's President Yoon comes to town while tensions do mountain Asia. President Biden is probably eager to smooth out tensions between them after a Pentagon leak expose the U.S. eavesdropped even on its allies. The leaders are also set to announce more U.S. support for Seoul amid growing nuclear threats from North Korea. Earlier today, the Chinese president, Xi Jinping, spoke with his Ukrainian counterpart in a much-awaited phone call. President Zelenskyy says their conversation was meaningful. But will it make Beiji