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Jeb Bush PAC slammed with fine for taking foreign Chinese money

Rachel Maddow reports on a massive fine imposed on Right To Rise, a Jeb Bush Super-PAC, for accepting a seven-figure contribution from a Chinese company in business with Neil Bush. See Also:   Nancy Pelosi says she think Omar has a "different experience in the use of words" The FEC just doled out a huge fine to the super PAC of Jeb Bush, Right to Rise, for taking two big donations from a Chinese firm for his 2016 campaign for president. They also fined the Chinese firm as well: POLITICO – The Federal Election Commission on Monday doled out $940,000 in fines to the super PAC that backed Jeb Bush’s 2016 presidential bid and a Chinese-owned corporation that made illegal donations to it. The unusually large FEC fines came after the commission found evidence Bush’s super PAC took money from a foreign national, which is prohibited under federal election law. The super PAC, Right to Rise, was fined $390,000 for the violation, while the FEC gave an additional $