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Press Briefing by Press Secretary Jen Psaki, October 6, 2021

MS. PSAKI: Hi, everyone. Okay — Q  Or maybe not. MS. PSAKI: Oh, what did you think was going to happen? (Laughter.) I’m sorry to disappoint. Okay, sorry to disappoint. You never know who’s behind the door. Okay. Okay, tomorrow — just one item for all of you at the top: Tomorrow, the President will travel to Elk Grove Village, Illinois — a trip he had planned to do last week — to meet with public and private sector leaders who have implemented vaccination requirements. The President will visit with a company local to the Chicago area that is imposing its own vaccine requirement ahead of the OSHA rule. The President’s message will be clear: Vaccination requirements work. Vaccination requirements get more people vaccinated, helping to end the pandemic and strengthen the economy. That’s why he’s leading and implementing on — implementing vaccination requirements for 100 million workers, two thirds of all workers in the United States, and that’s why we’re seeing growing momentum for vacc