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Crowd tries toppling Andrew Jackson statue, creates 'CHAZ'-themed zone

Seattle’s peaceful ‘summer of love’ zone doesn’t just have shootings every night, but they’ve also got zones where they enforce racial segregation! Chaz set up black-only racially segregated areas ... More: — Heidi Heitkamp (@HeitkampHeidi) June 23, 2020 If you didn’t catch it, the sign was labeled “BLACK-OUT” and was a zone for blacks only. The sign referred to it as  “an all black healing space” . I wonder if they have their own ‘healing’ water fountains too? The white girl said the spaces is only for blacks, not other minorities, unless of course they have black ancestry. I guess you’d probably have to have your papers to prove that though. Heh. This just shows how advanced and progressive a society CHAZ has become in just a few days. I’m sure the mayor is so proud! Protesters on Monday tried toppling a statue of Andrew Jackson near the  White House , while sealing off an area in an act of defiance similar