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Laura Ingraham: The Democratic Party is big border lie

We could be looking at nearly 1 million illegals crossing our borders if the trend continues. If these numbers hold, every four months, we'll import the equivalent of the population of Richmond, Va. or Baton Rouge, La. into the United States. And this isn't a national emergency? Let's face it, most Democrats know this is a crisis. The sheer volume of crossers is overwhelming our facilities. And liberals then blame Trump? As with their embrace of infanticide and reparations, and "Medicare-for-all," Democrats have gone far-left on immigration. And now they are, in effect, for open borders. Some think ankle bracelets are a solution. But they already put ankle bracelets on a lot of the illegal immigrants, and they just tear them off. It's terrifying some Democratic lawmakers don't understand the basic facts of immigration. In the video McAleenan points out that we’re on pace to hit over 750k crossings this year, countering the Senator’s false clai