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Breaking: CNN spokesperson says Mark Geragos is no longer a CNN contributor. Appears he's been let go over his alleged involvement in this

Today, U.S. attorneys indicted not only Trump-era villain and creepy porn lawyer Michael Avenatti, but also celebrity attorney Mark Geragos as a co-conspirator. The nation’s two most famous legal frauds now face charges related to an extortion scheme. Avenatti’s been a walking dumpster fire and foil to the Trump presidency, but Geragos has scammed the system for years, representing not just the dregs of Hollywood — Chris Brown for domestic violence and Michael Jackson for pedophilia — but also #Resistance heroes such as Colin Kaepernick and hate-crime hoaxer Jussie Smollett. Much like Avenatti, Geragos never met a camera he didn’t love, and now the pair are finally facing their comeuppance in criminal court. Between Attorney General William Barr effectively exonerating Trump of impeachable offenses and Avenatti finally facing criminal charges, what’s the true cherry on top for the best 24 hours of Trump’s presidency, if not his entire life? Geragos is also an official legal an