In true Brooklyn99 fashion, we waited 9 seconds to tell them the good news. 😏 We're coming back, y'all!

Rick Perry says: "A bunch of kids who've never been on the playground before they've never even been on the field of play before they're sitting on the sidelines."

Travis Kauffman speaks out about surviving mountain lion attack

Exclusive: President Trump says he has 'good relationship' with Kim Jong Un, but it wasn't the 'right time' to sign something with North Korea.

Judge Napolitano: 'Gun violence is the real emergency'

Here we goooo.. Inbox: Jordan and Meadows Refer Michael Cohen to the Justice Department for Perjury

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu indicted on three counts including bribery and fraud. First time ever an Israeli PM has been indicted.

'Drunk' Russian sailor crashes massive cargo ship into South Korean bridge

President Trump abruptly walked away from negotiations with North Korea and headed back to Washington

TFW you go to eat your hallway pizza and get told you’re in the live shot

Chris Glover files complaint after Boyd Banks appears to lick him during TV hit

MUCH WATCH: Little girl forced to dodge bullets when gunman opens fire on NYC street

Hero cop pulls stranded dog from icy Erie Canal

Howard Webb was arrested for allegedly dipping his testicles into a restaurant customer's salsa

Pam Northam under fire after handing out cotton to visiting students

Greg Gutfeld threatening to throw Juan Williams off the set : ‘I’m gonna throw you off the set’

Eric Swalwell : ‘I Don’t Really Care’ About Alleged Hush Money, Nor Do ‘Most People’

Democratic freshman lawmaker Tlaib calls Mark Meadows a "RACIST"

Chris Wallace: Cohen's testimony indicates 'criminal exposure' for Trump

NBC' Ken Dilanian says: SDNY investigation ‘very much alive, a threat to Donald Trump’

Alisha Day, a tourist from Oklahoma, shares footage of the rare catch off the Navarre Beach Fishing pier on Facebook.

131-vehicle pileup in Wisconsin leaves one dead, 71 injured

OMG: Doctor uses 5G to direct surgery live

UNBELIEVABLE: CNN says Michael Cohen has already LIED under oath about NOT wanting to work in the White House!

Michael Cohen reacts Jim Jordan : ‘Shame on you, Mr. Jordan’

A little video of what Siobhni and Nicola Coughlan got up to today, including us complaining about the weather!

Michael Cohen Says "President Trump is a racist, conman and cheat"

Miami-Dade cop caught on tape slapping suspect

Michael Cohen: "I have done bad things, but I am not a bad man. I have fixed things, but I an no longer your fixer, Mr. Trump"

BREAKING NEWS: At least 25 dead and 50 injured after a train accident, causing a fire, at Ramses Station in Cairo Egypt.

A Trump supporting student at Edmond Santa Fe High School had his MAGA flag ripped off of him by another student

Alva Johnson says: "I felt like I never signed up for things like that"