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Adele on Instagram Live was everything

Youtube Rumble Dailymotion If youtube link die, open Rumble or Dailymotion. Official video by Học Để Thi | Breaking News, Latest News and Videos Adele didn't really know what she was doing on Instagram Live, but it was both charming and revelatory. The British singer hopped on her verified Instagram account over the weekend to chat with her fans and played a brief snippet of her new song. Whereas earlier she shared a teaser featuring a few notes of her new song "Easy On Me," she actually played some lyrics during the Instagram Live. "There ain't no gold in this river that I've been washing my hands in forever/I know there is hope in these waters but I can't bring myself to swim when I am drowning in this silence/ Baby, let me in," she sang in the snippet. She got a bevy of questions and for se