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Greg Gutfeld threatening to throw Juan Williams off the set : ‘I’m gonna throw you off the set’

“Oh, shut up, Juan! I’m in nobody’s bunker. Enough with your bunker. I’m trying to be polite to somebody on the panel, Juan, which you won’t do,” Gutfeld responded, arguing that he was trying to give another panelist the chance to talk when he interrupted Williams.  I guess he’s never heard of the term “bunker mentality,” but it doesn’t refer to Hitler, it refers to the tendency of people to think in tribalistic terms and defend their side no matter what. Gutfeld absolutely flipped and it was a pretty cringe-inducing episode on the show. See Also:   Eric Swalwell : ‘I Don’t Really Care’ About Alleged Hush Money, Nor Do ‘Most People’ What’s odd, is that he says “I’m in no one’s bunker” in this first part, which kinda shows that he knows what phrase Juan is using, and only later accuses him of comparing him to Hitler. He also was angry that The Five was even covering the story, because testimony from the former lawyer of the president is just not news, dammit!!!!