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The ABC talk show co-host praises Gov. Cuomo's coronavirus response: 'Right' in all early efforts

The ABC talk show co-host Sunny Hostin praised New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo's response to the coronavirus, saying he was "just right on" in the early stages of the pandemic. "I think people in New York took it very seriously," she said, "because we were the epicenter." Hostin's comments came amid widespread criticism of Cuomo's requirement that New York nursing homes accept patients who tested positive for the coronavirus – something many said was the cause for many deaths among the elderly. New York's government recently released a report on the issue that garnered significant backlash as it found no strong link between Cuomo's nursing homes order and some of the nation's deadliest nursing home outbreaks. The report says the virus’ rampant run through New York nursing homes was propelled by the 37,500 nursing home workers who became infected between mid-March and early June and unknowingly passed the virus on. CALIFO

'The View' and 'Fox News' vehemently defend vilified St. Louis couple

"The View"  co-hosts accused a  St. Louis, Missouri , couple of overreacting by brandishing firearms when a group of protesters trespassed on their property. The incident occurred on Sunday, when protesters allegedly broke the fence leading to Mark and Patricia McCloskey's property. Footage of the encounter went viral with both pointing their guns at the protesters. "No. 1: if I were protesters, I would not appreciate having an AR-15 headed my way or a woman who seems crazed with her finger on the trigger," co-host  Joy Behar  said. "I would not enjoy that at all. I don't think any of these protesters had weapons." "The only other thing I wanted to say was that they claim that they are Black Lives Matter supporters. In that case, why not go out to these protesters and say 'I appreciate that you're protesting, I agree with you'? Acknowledge what they're doing and ... and basically sort of neutralize the possibility of

The View co-host Sunny Hostin: 'Think twice' before defending Washington, Roosevelt statues; we were taught 'revisionist history'

Sunny Hostin suggested that perhaps the removal of statues beyond Confederate figures should be considered since "revisionist history" inaccurately taught Americans the reality of our nation's founders. Statues of Confederate leaders have been defaced and removed in recent weeks by rioters following the death of George Floyd, but other statues were also not spared like one of George Washington in Portland, one Ulysses S. Grant in San Francisco and the announcement of the removal of Theodore Roosevelt in front of the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. On Monday, Hostin expressed that the "problem" amid the statue debate begins in the classroom. "What we have been taught, what you have been taught, Joy, what I was taught, what Whoopi was taught, probably what Meghan was taught in our schools was revisionist history," Hostin said. "We weren't taught the real history. We were taught, you know, that George Washing