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How much money are you price of a bendy iPads

Giám đốc điều hành của Apple đưa ra một con số có thể chấp nhận được đối với iPad lỗi "uốn cong", tuy nhiên hình ảnh hoàn mỹ của Apple đã bị bôi nhọ. Mash - Apple has already confirmed that it's fine if some newer iPad Pros don't lie completely flat, but now there's an actual numeric measurement for acceptable iPad bendiness. Apple's Dan Riccio, VP of hardware engineering at the company, confirmed the detail in an email. Riccio sent the note as a response to a customer who had written to Apple CEO Tim Cook with concerns about the company's suggestion that warped iPads aren't actually the product of a manufacturing defect. It's a situation that's been brewing since a November video that went viral purported to show how easily Apple's latest iPad Pro could be bent. (Mashable's own review found that it would take more than a "moderate" amount of pressure to produce the result seen in that video.) On Wednesday, Appl