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Ingraham advised Pelosi: Democrats and Iran to think before launching any new "assaults" on the president

Laura Ingraham criticized  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi saying she pictured her playing "San Francisco Hold'em." "She has their cards close to the vest, but it really means she just doesn't want a Senate trial after all, because she won zero concessions from Mitch McConnell and now members of her own party are turning against her," Ingraham said. Ingraham said Pelosi should admit defeat. "I think Pelosi should just raise the white flag and admit that caving to the impeachment demands of the radicals in her caucus, it was just a huge blunder," Ingraham suggested. The most amazing part of this to me was John King’s reaction to Pelosi wanting McConnell to put in writing how he’s going to run the trial. King actually said that  “McConnell has been pretty clear about the process” , noting that he is going to run it roughly as they did in the 1998 Clinton impeachment trial, and asks  “why isn’t that good enough for the Speaker?” The Washington

Laura Ingraham: The Democratic Party is big border lie

We could be looking at nearly 1 million illegals crossing our borders if the trend continues. If these numbers hold, every four months, we'll import the equivalent of the population of Richmond, Va. or Baton Rouge, La. into the United States. And this isn't a national emergency? Let's face it, most Democrats know this is a crisis. The sheer volume of crossers is overwhelming our facilities. And liberals then blame Trump? As with their embrace of infanticide and reparations, and "Medicare-for-all," Democrats have gone far-left on immigration. And now they are, in effect, for open borders. Some think ankle bracelets are a solution. But they already put ankle bracelets on a lot of the illegal immigrants, and they just tear them off. It's terrifying some Democratic lawmakers don't understand the basic facts of immigration. In the video McAleenan points out that we’re on pace to hit over 750k crossings this year, countering the Senator’s false clai

Meadows reflects on fight with Tlaib: "Fortunately for me, I know I'm not a racist"

Mark Meadows responds to racism accusation, calls for the DOJ to investigate Michael Cohen for perjury

Cohen: “There’s not much I can say other than it was very productive. As I said, I’m committed to telling the truth, and I will be back on March 6 to finish up. There’s more to discuss."

Michael Cohen: “There’s not much I can say other than it was very productive. As I said, I’m committed to telling the truth, and I will be back on March 6 to finish up. There’s more to discuss."

Fox News' Laura Ingraham: Jussie Smollett learned that victimhood pays

If you're a liberal and have an outrageous claim that implicates President Trump and what he stands for you'll probably get national attention, high-profile interviews, magazine covers and, of course, money. I believe you will watch:   Charles Barkley and Shaq can’t stop laughing as they MOCK Jussie Smollett! This is hilarious. Charles Barkley and Shaq had a good old time mocking Jussie Smollett for using a check to commit a crime instead of cash last night on TNT’s Inside the NBA. Barkley even gave “America” advice, saying that if you’re going to commit a crime get cash out and never use a check as both he and Shaq couldn’t stop laughing. “Get cash man!” Barkley ended the segment by hilariously telling Smollett that all he had to do to solve his problems was go into Liam Neeson’s neighborhood! Seriously, watch the video for more…

Another day, another wacky liberal enters the 2020 presidential race.

See Also:  GOP contractor orchestrated illegal ballot harvesting in NC A GOP contractor that candidate Mark Harris hired in North Carolina orchestrated an illegal absentee ballot harvesting scheme to aid Harris to victory, according to the North Carolina state elections director Kim Strach. Here’s more: DAILY CALLER  – A contractor hired by North Carolina Republican congressional candidate Mark Harris orchestrated an illegal ballot-harvesting operation in the 2018 general election, the state’s elections director said at a hearing Monday. Harris currently holds an unofficial lead of 905 votes over his Democratic opponent Dan McCready for the congressional seat in North Carolina’s 9th District, but the race remains unresolved as the North Carolina State Board of Elections investigates allegations of ballot-tampering by Harris campaign consultant Leslie McCrae Dowless. “We believe that the evidence that we will provide today will show that a coordinated, unlawful and substa