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Remarks by President Biden on the Supreme Court Decision to Overturn Roe v. Wade

  THE PRESIDENT:  Today is a — it’s not hyperbole to suggest a very solemn moment.  Today, the Supreme Court of the United States expressly took away a constitutional right from the American people that it had already recognized. They didn’t limit it.  They simply took it away.  That’s never been done to a right so important to so many Americans. But they did it.  And it’s a sad day for the Court and for the country. Fifty years ago, Roe v. Wade was decided and has been the law of the land since then. This landmark case protected a woman’s right to choose, her right to make intensely personal decisions with her doctor, free from the inter- — from interference of politics. It reaffirmed basic principles of equality — that women have the power to control their own destiny.  And it reinforced the fundamental right of privacy — the right of each of us to choose how to live our lives. Now, with Roe gone, let’s be very clear: The health and life of women in this nation are now at risk. A

Remarks by Vice President Harris on the Supreme Court Decision to Overturn Roe V. Wade

  THE VICE PRESIDENT:  Good afternoon.  (Applause.)  Good afternoon.  Good afternoon, everyone.  Please have a seat.  Good afternoon.  Good afternoon. Well, first, I want to thank Senator Durbin.  I had the privilege of serving with him, as he mentioned, on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  And I can tell you, Illinois, you are very, very well represented by Senator Dick Durbin.  He is an extraordinary leader, a great fighter for all of American and — all of America, and in particular for the people of Illinois. So, thank you, Dick Durbin, and congratulations to your grandchild, for her honor today as well.  And I want to thank all the leaders for joining us today, and a special thank you, of course, to Lauren Underwood.  Where are you?  Lauren.  (Applause.)  I have seen you when the cameras are on and when the cameras are off.  She’s always fighting for the people of her district.  And all that you have done for our government, for the people of our country, and for Plainfield, I t