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Republicans' work requirements 'obsession' is 'offensive' to poor people,' CNN commentator complains

  Sellers: GOP claim there aren't Dem wins in debt deal is 'laughable' 'It's ridiculous': Fmr GOP Rep rips DeSantis for threatening criminal reform law Republicans’ "obsession" with work requirements are "offensive" to poor people and could produce a backlash, CNN political commentator Ashley Allison said on Sunday.. She appeared on a panel discussion during "State of the Union" to react to the news that Speaker of the House Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., reached an agreement to raise the debt ceiling after months of debate. McCarthy has argued that while some Republicans were unhappy with the concessions in the agreement, there is "not one thing in the bill for Democrats." One of the Republicans’ concessions, however, included removing work requirements for social programs like Medicaid and SNAP, something  that Allison insisted is "offensive."  "I think it’s important to also note that Social Security, Medicare