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CNN media analyst on Kimmel interview: Biden could use 'exposure' that isn't 'too challenging' for him

 During a Wednesday discussion about President Biden's upcoming interview with late night host Jimmy Kimmel, CNN media analyst Bill Carter said that the president could use some "exposure that may not be too, you know, challenging for him." "New Day" host Brianna Keilar asked Carter what he thought the president was "hoping to achieve" in appearing on a late night show while suffering from low approval ratings. The president is set to join Jimmy Kimmel on Wednesday for his first major interview in over 100 days.  "Clearly this is an appearance meant to, you know, give him a forum where he can be relaxed and maybe have some laughs and joke around, and you know it will be a positive thing for him," Carter said.  He added that with late night shows, presidential candidates usually do it for exposure purposes but that it is rarely done by sitting presidents. Former president Barack Obama was the first sitting president to appear on l