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The Highland Park shooting suspect legally bought five weapons despite prior threats. “We essentially live at the mercy of whoever can go into a store and buy an AR-15,” Joy Reid tells her panel on The ReidOut on MSNBC

  Georgetown University law professor Rosa Brooks blamed the   Highland Park mass shooting  on Americans being "slaves" to the Constitution, "written more than 230 years ago by a tiny group of white slave-owning men," Tuesday. At a Fourth of July parade in Illinois, an armed gunman shot and killed at least seven people, wounding dozens more. The suspect is now in police custody, though authorities have not yet disclosed a motive. MSNBC "The ReidOut" host Joy Reid spoke with a panel who mourned the lives lost but called for stricter gun control legislation as a result. "It’s time to say that no one in America needs an assault weapon. It’s something the military needs. It is not something that people need. And whatever mental issues the shooter here had, and it’s clear that he did, even if he didn’t, he didn’t need that gun," said MSNBC legal analyst Jill Wine-Banks. Although  Chicago and Highland Park's gun laws  are some of the strictest in t

Press Briefing by Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre JULY 05, 2022

  MS. JEAN-PIERRE:  All right.  Good afternoon, everybody.  I hope everyone had a restful long weekend. I actually don’t have anything for you at the top.  (Laughter.)  I know you guys are always excited to hear what I got to say. But, Darlene, you want to kick us off? Q    Yes.  Thank you very much.  Is the White House looking into the possibility of having the President visit Highland Park?  The death toll there has risen to seven this afternoon. MS. JEAN-PIERRE:  So, the President, as you all know, is going to be traveling to Ohio tomorrow to discuss the American Rescue Plan.  So that’s the trip that he’s going to be making tomorrow. We don’t have any plans right now to go to Chicago.  I know some folks are asking if he’s going to go to Chicago, will he go — I mean, if he’s going to go to Ohio, is he going to go to Chicago.  The Vice President is going to be there, and she will speak to the devastation that we — that we all saw with our own eyes yesterday in Highland Park.  But

July 4th bashing justified after Supreme Court 'declared a war against women,' NJ Gov. Murphy tells CNN

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy had no issue with liberal celebrities boycotting  the 4th of July  over the Supreme Court's ruling on abortion. While on CNN's "New Day" Tuesday morning, the Democrat was asked to comment on Hollywood stars like Katy Perry, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Chastain sharing their disgust over celebrating America's Independence Day in light of the high court overturning Roe v. Wade. "Governor, I know you see that celebrity women and many non-celebrity women who found that the idea of celebrating independence was actually insulting after the Supreme Court decision. What do you think about that?"  the struggling morning show's  co-host Brianna Keilar asked Murphy. "I mean, who could blame them?" he responded. Murphy went on to praise America as still "the greatest nation on Earth," but the Democrat tempered that patriotic statement by blasting the Supreme Court as a "right-wing" institution that had &qu