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Chris Wallace shocked Fox News viewers by calling Jen Psaki “the best Press Secretary ever”. Who agrees with him wholeheartedly? 👏

  Chris Wallace just called Jen Psaki “one of the best press secretaries ever” and MAGA world is having a complete meltdown. Link 1 Link 2 Link 3 Click Here To Watch The Video Post By Học Để Thi | Breaking News, Latest News and Videos BREAKING: Sean Spicer hypocritically attacks Jen Psaki after Fox's Chris Wallace praised her as "one of the best press secretaries ever," saying she doesn't "deserve" the compliments. RT IF YOU THINK PSAKI IS A THOUSAND TIMES BETTER THAN SPICER! youtube Rumble Dailymotion

Pelosi FURIOUS when Wallace asks ‘didn’t you mess this one up?’ after Trump orders Covid Relief she DIDN’T

Speaker Nancy Pelosi got pretty worked up, for her age, when Fox’s Chris Wallace repeatedly made a simple point this morning. He kept saying people are going to get  something  now, whereas if Trump hadn’t used the EO they’d be getting  nothing . "No, in fact, what the president did is -- I agreed what the Republican senator said -- is unconstitutional slop," Pelosi, D-Calif, said, alluding to a statement Sen. Ben Sasse, R-Neb., put out criticizing Trump's executive actions. She also emphasized the alleged "weakness" of Trump's Saturday actions, including one executive order and three memorandums. "While it has the illusion of saying we're going to have a moratorium on evictions, it says I'm gonna ask the folks in charge to study if that's feasible. While he says he's going to do the payroll tax, what he's doing is undermining Social Security and Medicare, so these are illusions," Pelosi said. She later added that Trump's or