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Pelosi defends not passing a bill, claims Supreme Court Justices aren’t in any danger despite assassination attempt this week…

  Nancy Pelosi claimed today that the Supreme Court justices aren’t in any danger despite the House refusing to pass a bill providing more security for the Supreme Court. Pelosi claimed the justices are protected: WOW: "I don't know what you're talking about...but nobody is in danger."  Nancy Pelosi less than 48 hours after the attempted assassination of a Supreme Court justice.   As best as I could understand Pelosi, here’s what she said after being questioned on her claim that the Supreme Court justices are protected: REPORTER: How can you say that the justices are protected when there was an attempt on Justice Kavanaugh’s life? PELOSI: He’s protected. This [legislation?] was not about the justices, it’s about the staff and the rest. The justices are protected. You saw the Attorney General even double down on that. REPORTER: But this is about security for the justices. An armed man showed up near Justice Kavanaugh’s house. PELOSI: We’re working together

CNN's Wolf Blitzer speaks with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi about why she has not accepted President Donald Trump's roughly $1.8 trillion stimulus offer.

  The contentious exchange continued when Blitzer pressed Pelosi again about Trump's $1.8 trillion proposal, asking her, "why not work out a deal with him and don't let the perfect, as they say here in Washington, be the enemy of the good?" "Well, I will not let the wrong be the enemy of the right," Pelosi fired back. "What's wrong with $1.8 trillion?" Blitzer asked.  "You know what, do you have any idea what the difference is between the spending that they have in their bill and what we have in our bill?" Pelosi asked before ticking off a list of her issues with the proposal. "That is precisely why, Madame Speaker ... it's so important right now," Blitzer responded "Yesterday, I spoke to [former Democratic presidential candidate] Andrew Yang, who says the same thing. It's not everything you want but there's a lot there." "But you know what? Honest to God!" Pelosi complained. "You really-