Brian Stelter shocked by 'Fox & Friends' error

Brian Stelter discusses President Donald Trump's close relationship with Fox News, highlighting clips from the network with false information.

There's being bad at geography, an affliction from which many Americans suffer, and then there's being really bad at geography. Whoever writes the on-screen text for Fox & Friends Weekend appears to be in the latter category.

How else would the morning news show have wound up with a chyron that claims the existence of three distinct Mexicos?

The chyron error, captured by CNN media correspondent Brian Stelter, reads "Trump cuts U.S. aid to 3 Mexican countries." The obvious issue being that there is only one Mexican country. It is called Mexico.

The actual news behind the graphic involved the Trump administration cutting aid to El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala, none of which are Mexico. Only one of them, Guatemala, shares a border with Mexico.

Later in the day, as reported by Talking Points Memo, Fox correspondent Ed Henry issued an on-air correction for the chyron, calling it "inaccurate" and apologizing for the error.

Henry offered no explanation as to how Fox & Friends could have possibly referred to three different countries as Mexico plural. It's almost as if the show, and its number one fan in the White House, routinely misstate and misunderstand Central American facts in order to rile up its political base.


SO something really sooper-extra stupid happened on Fox News today. Like something so cartoonishly absurd people honestly thought it was a photoshop.

Man, that is bad. I know some will reflexively defend Fox News, but this is exactly what you would expect from a channel that fit liberals’ exaggerated accusations against them. Don’t do it, Fox.
There were some funny jokes about it:

And this jerk:
But check out Stelter’s reaction:
And he beat up Fox News on his show too:
This is the very definition of “pouncing” that the media uses falsely against the right. The mainstream media has just been slapped down with an incredibly devastating defeat in the collusion wars, and Stelter is going to focus on this, admittedly stupid, error from Fox News.

That’s the “objective” news – when the media or democrats make a mistake, Stelter brings on liberals to defend them, and when Fox News or Trump or some conservative makes a mistake, Stelter brings on liberals to attack them. Perfectly fair, right? LOL!

And that’s why we don’t trust Stelter ever, and why we mock him mercilessly.