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Acting White House chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney on the impact for the president's agenda

Mick Mulvaney on chances of border security deal, Democrats ramping up investigation of Trump administration. Watch below: He specifically says that Trump will get his wall with or without Congress, which then means that he’s gonna take whatever money the Democrats will give him in the budget talks, and then figure out a way to build his wall however he likes. See Also :  "People are going to have their opinions about whatever, and all I can deal with right now is what my heart says." - Gladys Knight defends decision to perform the National Anthem at the Super Bowl AND it sounds like Democrats are ready to give him less than half of the $5.7 billion he’s asking for. If he gets this money then builds the border wall through the executive, it will be a yuge victory for Trump, especially after appearing to cave in the first shutdown battle…. See Also :  CNN's John King: Trump is a 'disgrace' for omitting climate change from SOTU address Don’t miss th

Mick Mulvaney think President Trump wants $5.7 billion.

Mick Mulvaney explained this morning that Trump  was asking for $5.7 billion. Watch below: ROBERTS: All right. So, the president was asking for $5.7 billion. The vice president took the Congress day after Christmas and offer -- I think it was $2.4 billion. Are you stuck on the 5.7 or will you take less than that? MULVANEY: I think the president wants his $5.7 billion. Keep in mind, why is that number? It's not a number that's made up. It's what the experts have told him. He's listened to DHS. I have been on the meetings. He's listened to CBP. He's listened to ICE. We have identified the top 17 highest priorities in terms of where we can put up barriers to discourage people from crossing the border illegally. It's about 243 miles. That's what driving this discussion. It's not a made a magical number of $5.7 billion. It's the wall, where we need it the most and where we need it the quickest. That's what driving this. So, this no

Mick Mulvaney sagt, Trump habe angeboten, weniger als fünf Milliarden Dollar für die Grenzmauer zu akzeptieren

Der kommende Stabschef Mick Mulvaney sagte in den Fox News, dass Trump bereits mit 5,6 Milliarden Dollar mit Demokraten verhandelt, um die Schließung der Regierung zu stoppen. Schauen Sie sich unten an, ungefähr bei der 4-Minuten-Marke: Beide Seiten sind hier fest verwurzelt, und es ist schwer, einen Ausweg zu erkennen - Demokraten wollen Trump einfach nicht an der Grenzmauer gewinnen, aber Trump hat den Rücken mit der Basis an der Wand. Er konnte sich in Bezug auf die Unterstützung nicht über seine Basis hinaus ausdehnen, wie sich bei den Zwischenwahlen deutlich gezeigt hat, aber wenn er die Mauer nicht bekommt, wird er seine Unterstützungsbasis wirklich verärgern. Wer blinkt also zuerst?