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Texas governor Greg Abbott left Vice President Kamala Harris a big present on Christmas Eve

Image -  Texas governor Greg Abbott is facing criticism from Democrats for the   late-night drop off   of over 100 migrants in freezing temperatures in Washington, D.C., on Christmas Eve.  Three buses carrying migrants from Texas arrived in Washington, D.C., late Saturday evening, including one which dropped its passengers near the home of Vice President  Kamala Harris. The migrants were then helped by the Migrant Solidarity Mutual Aid Network and taken to a local church, according to reporter Trang Ánh Nam. Local organizers had expected the buses to arrive on Sunday but found out Saturday that the group would get to Washington a day early, according to the Associated Press. The people on board included young children. I love how these Democrats claim they only see one side of this, calling it cruel for Abbott to use ‘people as pawns’. But that’s exactly what Joe Biden is doing with his humanitarian disaster at the border and why he refuses to secure it. Fro

VP HARRIS: "If you are a parent of sons, do think about what this means for the life of your son and what that will mean in terms of the choices he will have."

  Vice President Kamala Harris   gave a rare one-on-one interview with CNN’s Dana Bash Monday following the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade. The first clips of the interview aired on "The Lead with Jake Tapper" where Harris largely condemned the Supreme Court decision from Friday. "The court actually took a constitutional right that has been recognized for half a century and took it from the women of America. That’s shocking. When you think about it, in terms of what that means, in terms of democratic principles, in terms about the ideals upon which we were founded on, about liberty, about freedom," Harris said. She added that she thought about this decision "as a parent" as well as a woman. "You know, I thought about it as a parent. We have two children who are in their 20s, a son and a daughter. I thought about it as a godparent of teenagers. I thought of it as an aunt of pre-school children," Harris said. "And a woman yourself,"