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Big Chief Liz Warren's polling problem: gaining support from next door

Democrats discuss changing the rules, what's next for the national emergency declaration in the Senate, gun control legislation passes the House, and the next wave of 2020 hopefuls. It's all on Inside Politics. And this is in New Hampshire, where she should be doing a lot better: UMass NH poll finds next door neighbor, E. Warren, struggling w/ Dem primary voters. Just 6% see her as best positioned to beat Trump. 26% won't support her in a general election. 23% of 2016 Hillary voters won't vote for her in general. — amy walter (@amyewalter)  Yup, if she doesn’t turn those numbers around, her presidential nomination hopes will go up in smoke. From a peace pipe. #Cheapshot.

Auf dem Weg aus dem Kongress entschied sich Trey Gowdy, den SMACKDOWN auf Big Chief Liz Warren zu legen !!

Trey Gowdys Herrschaft über Mode-Terror im Kongress ist zu Ende, und er entschied sich auf dem Weg, einen Bordstein zu verteilen, der auf Big Chief Liz Warren stapfte. Es begann alles, als der Idiot-Fake-Indianer einige Vorwürfe machte, Gowdy sei ein Lobbyist geworden. . @TGowdySC  foamed at the mouth with power in Congress, then retired because he claimed he didn't enjoy it. Now it’s clear: Trey Gowdy just wanted a fat lobbyist paycheck. That should be illegal. — Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren)  January 4, 2019 We need a lifetime ban on lobbying for members of Congress. And fix the swiss cheese def of “lobbying” so anyone who gets paid to influence Washington has to register. Public service shouldn’t be a launching pad for guys like  @TGowdySC  &  @JoeLieberman  to enrich themselves. — Elizabeth Warren (@ewarren)  January 4, 2019 Jetzt sagt sie das, weil Gowdy sich einer Anwaltskanzlei angeschlossen hat, die Lobbyarbeit betreibt. Anschein