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'The View' and 'Fox News' vehemently defend vilified St. Louis couple

"The View"  co-hosts accused a  St. Louis, Missouri , couple of overreacting by brandishing firearms when a group of protesters trespassed on their property. The incident occurred on Sunday, when protesters allegedly broke the fence leading to Mark and Patricia McCloskey's property. Footage of the encounter went viral with both pointing their guns at the protesters. "No. 1: if I were protesters, I would not appreciate having an AR-15 headed my way or a woman who seems crazed with her finger on the trigger," co-host  Joy Behar  said. "I would not enjoy that at all. I don't think any of these protesters had weapons." "The only other thing I wanted to say was that they claim that they are Black Lives Matter supporters. In that case, why not go out to these protesters and say 'I appreciate that you're protesting, I agree with you'? Acknowledge what they're doing and ... and basically sort of neutralize the possibility of

The View co-host Joy Behar says she and her husband drive around looking for people not wearing masks

Joy Behar  revealed on Tuesday that she regularly spends time looking at people who are walking around without masks during the  coronavirus pandemic . "I don't have much faith that this is going to end anytime soon ... Barring a vaccine, all we have is social distancing and masks -- neither of which is happening in this country right now ... this is going to go on and on and on, and I'll tell you the truth, it's making me crazy," she said. "All I do is I get in my car maybe with Steve and we go around town looking for people who are not wearing masks," she added, referring to her husband. Behar's comments touched on growing concerns that social distancing guidelines were being abused by some as a justification for surveilling fellow Americans. While mask requirements vary by state, the federal government has not mandated that citizens wear facial coverings in public. "The View"  was discussing  President Trump's  sugg

"The View" co-host Meghan McCain Mocks Trump’s Tulsa Rally Turnout: “The Writing is On the Wall”

On Monday morning,  The View  opened with the biggest topic of the weekend: Trump’s highly-anticipated rally in Tulsa, his first since COVID-19 began spreading in March. For days leading up to the event, the Trump campaign bragged that more than 800,000 people had signed up to attend, but when it came time for the president to speak on Saturday, the arena was only about one-third full. The co-hosts noted that some Trump supporters likely stayed away due to concerns about the novel coronavirus, but admitted that Generation Z’s TikTok users could also have played a role in the low turnout. “I am curious as to whether or not these Zoomers or these TikToks teens registered for tickets and trolled him,” said Sunny Hostin with a smile. “Around what would go to a mid-level ’80s band was the audience he got,” added McCain. The conservative co-host went on to say that she “loved” seeing the dozens of shots of the empty arena that circulated on social media throughout the weekend. “The T

The View co-host Joy Behar prompting Meghan McCain to bring up Kavanaugh saga

Joy Behar  panned the idea that the media should "believe all women" who allege sexual misconduct and denied applying a different standard to Supreme Court Associate Justice Brett Kavanaugh. "To me, if you say I believe any woman who makes any accusation -- if you say that, I think it minimizes our credibility as women, and then nobody's going to believe anybody at some point," Behar said. The co-hosts were discussing former NBC host Matt Lauer's full-throated attack on Ronan Farrow's reporting, which cited a woman accusing the former "Today" star of rape. That prompted Behar to reference allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden and President Trump. Behar added: "So these things have to be thoroughly investigated, thoroughly vetted. I would like to have all 24 of the women who are accusing Trump of sexual assault be vetted and let's hear from them also. Let us hear from [them]. We heard from Tara [Reade]. Let's he

"The View" co-hosts defend Bloomberg over racial comments by pointing to Trump

Whoopi Goldberg  and  Joy Behar  attempted to defend former New York City Mayor and Democratic presidential candidate  Michael Bloomberg  by pointing to past statements from President Trump. During Tuesday's show, Goldberg said she couldn't get upset about Bloomberg's or other candidates' comments until Trump apologizes for what he said on the infamous "Access Hollywood" tape. "Everybody has stepped in it," she said, referring to Trump's and Bloomberg's previous statements. "And so, I guess I can't get freaked out until somebody apologizes for the [grab them by the p---y comment]," she said, as ABC bleeped her words. "Once you apologize for that, then I'll get mad about everything else, but I want everybody to stop eating each other," Goldberg added, before suggesting the reaction to Bloomberg was excessive. During a PBS interview in 2011, Bloomberg cited an "enormous cohort of black and Latino ma

Joy Behar says Trump obstruction questions remain, doubts Barr's credibility: 'This is round 1'

Joy Behar, a frequent and savage critic of President Trump, questioned the special counsel’s findings during “The View” on Monday. “There are still questions about obstruction,” Behar said. “Why did he keep his conversations with Putin secret, what happened there? Why did he ask Comey to go easy on Flynn? “Those are little questions that sound like obstruction to me,” the co-host added, in the wake of Attorney General William Barr releasing the "principal conclusions" of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's completed Russia probe in a bombshell four-page letter to Capitol Hill lawmakers on Sunday. President Trump told reporters Sunday that the release of a summary of Mueller's findings represented a "complete and total exoneration," calling it "an illegal takedown that failed." But Behar disagreed. “It’s not true,” she said, before casting doubt on AG Barr’s letter. “Did Barr sort of audition for the job, because before he was even