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BREAKING: In historic vote, Democrats pick Jeffries to replace Pelosi as party leader

  The despicable Nancy Pelosi has just been replaced by an election denier as the new leader for House Democrats. Hakeem Jeffries was just elected by House Dems in what the media is happily calling a ‘historic vote’. "That's what Democrats do. That's what our record says. Each and every day, House Democrats, committed to fighting hard for working families, middle class folks, those who aspire to be part of the middle class," Jeffries said. "Young people, seniors, immigrants, veterans. The poor, the sick, the afflicted, the least, the lost and the left behind. House Democrats fight for the people." Jeffries, whose district encompasses large parts of his native Brooklyn, was first elected to Congress in 2012 and steadily ascended the party ranks, ultimately becoming chairman of the Democratic caucus in 2019. He served in the New York State Assembly prior to his election, and was a corporate lawyer before launching his political career, with stints as in-hou