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The Morning Joe panel continues its discussion on Elizabeth Warren tries to paint Bloomberg as a racist as Super Tuesday approaches

Sen. Elizabeth Warren attacked Bloomberg over allegations, reported by The  Washington Post , that Bloomberg had told a saleswoman to "kill it" after he found out that she was pregnant and then complained about the number of pregnant women at his company. The Post later corroborated the woman's claim, which Bloomberg has denied, with another Bloomberg employee who says he witnessed the exchange, for which the woman sued Bloomberg in federal court. See Also:   CNN has just published the audio of the tense conversation between Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren after yesterday's debate That, however, did not stop Matthews from questioning Warren on whether she was sure of the story six times in a span of just over one minute during a post-debate interview. Chris Matthews asks Elizabeth Warren why she believes a female employee who sued Mike Bloomberg for telling her "kill it" when she was pregnant over Bloomberg. "You believe he'

Mike Bloomberg’s campaign spends $10 million on 60 seconds of airtime during the Super Bowl to aggravate the president

Trump’s team announced that the spots will run early in the game when viewership is expected to be at its highest. The Republican National Committee and Trump’s reelection team reported raising $436 million in figures released last week. “The president’s decision to stay aggressive and keep the campaign open after his first election gave us a huge head start on his reelection,” wrote Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale in a statement. “Now 300 days out we are throttling up. The president has built an awesome, high-performance, omnichannel machine and it’s time to give it some gas.” Trump isn’t the only one spending 10 million on a 60-second spot. I read earlier today that Michael Bloomberg is also purchasing one as well and his ad is supposed to be a full 60 seconds, as opposed to being divided between two ads. It wouldn’t surprise me if it featured Judge Judy, who just endorsed him in the Democratic primary. And I’m sure these aren’t the only ones. I suspect Steyer and a few