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The legendary actor is currently promoting a film about an unarmed Black man being killed by police

Morgan Freeman: I’m Not For Defunding the Police I spoke with legendary actor and producer Morgan Freeman and actor Frankie Faison (The Wire) about their new film “The Killing of Kenneth Chamberlain,” which is based on the real-life murder of a 68-year-old Black veteran who was fatally shot by police inside his home in White Plains, NY. Although both Mr. Freeman and Mr. Faison were vocal about the need to stop police violence against Black bodies, they both rejected the idea of “defunding the police.” In my opinion, their response is a reflection of the movement’s struggle to educate certain parts of our community about what the phrase actually means. To be clear, I’m an avid supporter of defunding police and the ideas behind the #AbolishThePolice movement. However, this interview further affirms that the terminology we’re using to describe the reallocation of police funding to other community-based services is polarizing and prohibits the movement from garnering more support. I’m c