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Why Portland? The city's history of protest takes an exceptional turn

DHS Dec. Chad Wolf said the protests in Portland were different from the “normal criminal activity” that is being witnessed in cities like Chicago, Kansas City and other metro areas across the country. “They're coming armed with rocks, bottles, baseball bats, power tools, commercial grade fireworks, eliciting that violence and targeting their violence on federal courthouses and federal law enforcement officers,” Wolf said of Portland. He added: “That's very different than what's going on in Chicago, places like Chicago, Albuquerque, Kansas City. That is where you see normal criminal activity, street crime, what we say regarding gangs and drug dealers.” A number of lawmakers from New York to Portland have spoken out against the Trump administration sending the agents to their cities, especially following reports that unidentified federal agents detained protesters in Portland and took them away in unmarked vehicles. Portland has been hit with near-daily demonstra

Ben Carson says 'They blame Donald Trump for everything,'

The consequences of allowing protesters and rioters to call the shots in big cities like Chicago and Portland, Ore., might not always be predictable, Dr. Ben Carson said Friday during an appearance on "Hannity." "The people should recognize that when you invite anarchists into your neighborhood and you join with them, there's going to be long-lasting destruction that you're going to have to deal with your children and everybody else is going to have to deal with," Carson, who serves as President Trump's secretary of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) said. During the interview with guest host Jason Chaffetz, Carson addressed multiple topics, including violence in American cities. He also defended the Trump administration's decision to revoke an Obama-era rule purportedly aimed at diversifying the suburbs. Carson noted one thing that demands and critiques from rioters and protesters have in common. "They blame Donald Trump for

President Donald Trump deploying federal officers in Portland and beyond decried

Donald Trump sending TSA and Coast Guard officers among other types of federal troops to counter protesters in Portland and other cities is discussed by Tiffany Cross and a panel of experts, who see these tactics as designed to make a statement as people exercise their First Amendment rights. One person was stabbed in downtown Portland early Saturday morning, police said, after another night of protests saw tear gas used on the crowd. The Portland Police Bureau (PPB) said a crowd emerged outside the federal courthouse, at first peacefully listening to speakers. About 11 p.m. Friday local time, people began shaking a fence while other people shot fireworks over it. Police then "attempted to disperse the crowd using various munitions," the statement reads. Federal agents also began a more forceful response to push the protesters back. Bright flashes and smoke filled the air along with the sounds of loud explosions. Live video feeds showed federal agents dispe