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Mark Harris cites health concerns as the reason for his withdrawal

Republican Mark Harris said Tuesday he will not run in the new election for North Carolina’s 9th congressional district, citing his “extremely serious” health condition. See Also:  Here are the Republican Senators who will vote AGAINST Trump’s National Emergency It comes just days after the North Carolina State Board of Election unanimously voted for a new election after the district’s House race from 2018 was marred by claims of ballot fraud. “After consulting with my physicians, there are several things that my health situation requires as a result of the extremely serious condition that I faced in mid-January,” Harris said in a statement. “One of those is a necessary surgery that is now scheduled for the last week in March.” Harris added, “I have decided not to file in the new election for Congressional District 9.” e’ve told you in the recent past that Mark Harris said he had nothing to do with the voter fraud that was done on his behalf by a Republican consultant