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El cliente enojado intenta arrastrar violentamente al empleado de McDonald's sobre el mostrador porque no tenía STRAWS

Esto es una locura. La discusión comenzó aparentemente ya sea por falta de pajitas o por la prohibición de pajitas. Pero el tipo que ataca a la chica detrás del mostrador es ridículo. Reloj: Aquí hay más ... YAHOO  – A male customer was arrested for assaulting two female McDonald’s employees, grabbing one over the counter and kicking the other in the stomach. In a spectator’s video taken on New Year’s Eve, customer Daniel Willis Taylor, 40, who is white, yelled at a black cashier named Yasmine James inside a St. Petersburg, Fla., McDonald’s, reaching across the counter and grabbing her by the collar. She fought back, punching him on the arm and pulling his shirt. Co-workers pulled them apart, and then someone who appears to be a manager calmly finished the attacker’s order. “And I want her a** fired right now,” said Taylor. When James says he’s going to jail for assaulting her, Taylor shot back, “I was just asking you a f***ing question, b****.” Then to the manage