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Kamala Harris admits she wants to get rid of PRIVATE health care plans: ‘That’s not American’

Harris, who announced her 2020 bid for the White House last week,  was asked by  CNN host Jake Tapper Monday night if people could keep their current health care plan under her “Medicare-for-All” plan. She indicated that people could not, suggesting she wants to move toward a single-payer system rather than a mere expansion of Medicare. See also:  Attorney General Matt Whitaker: Mueller probe 'close to being completed' "Well, listen, the idea is that everyone gets access to medical care. And you don't have to go through the process of going through an insurance company, having them give you approval, going through the paperwork, all of the delay that may require," Harris told Tapper. In which Jake asks Kamala Harris whether people would be able to keep their private insurance, if they prefer, under Medicare For All system — and she rejects that. "Let's eliminate all of that. Let's move on."   "Who among us has not had that situat

John Bolton seen holding notepad with words '5000 troops to Colombia'

National Security Adviser John Bolton doesn’t strike me as the careless type, but during today’s briefing he  seen holding notepad with words '5000 troops to Colombia'. “5,000 troops to Colombia” -Bolton’s yellow pad  The speculation is that this has to do with Venezuela. See also:  Judge Jeanine: Trump tries to make decisions that are best for you and me Here’s more: NY POST  – National-security Adviser John Bolton was spotted on Monday holding a notepad with the words “5,000 troops to Colombia” scrawled across the top of the front page in blue ink. Bolton’s cryptic message was revealed while he was announcing sanctions on Colombia’s South American neighbor, Venezuela. The penalties raised the possibility of a military intervention if President Maduro did not cede power in the oil-rich country. When asked for comment on the “troop” note, The White House would only reiterate Bolton’s message during the press conference that “the President has said, all o

Sarah Sanders: Trump opened government because Dems 'signaled' they're willing to make border deal

Sarah Sanders took questions from reporters today for the first time in a while in an official press briefing,  returning to the podium after President Trump said he had instructed her “not to bother” giving briefings for a while, citing inaccurate coverage. During the briefing, she explained why Trump reopened the government: “The President has opened the government on the basis that Democrats have signaled to us that they're willing to actually get serious about a real deal and get serious about fixing the border.”  See also:  Judge Jeanine: Trump tries to make decisions that are best for you and me  Here’s more  via Fox News : President Trump agreed to re-open the government for three weeks because Democrats signaled they’re willing to negotiate on border security, White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders said Monday. “The president opened the government on the basis that Democrats have signaled to us that they’re willing to actually get serious about a r

Attorney General Matt Whitaker: Mueller probe 'close to being completed'

The Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker  has just told  Special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election is "close to being completed,". JUST IN: At DOJ presser Acting AG Whitaker says Mueller investigation “close to being completed” in response to my question about his prior criticism of Special Counsel probe.  See also:  Judge Jeanine: Trump tries to make decisions that are best for you and me  BREAKING AP: Acting A-G Matthew Whitaker days Mueller probe "is close to being completed." WASHINGTON (AP) — The special counsel’s Russia probe is “close to being completed,” the acting attorney general said Monday in the first official sign that the investigation may be wrapping up. Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker’s comments were a departure for the Justice Department, which rarely comments on the state of the investigation into whether President Donald Trump’s campaign coordina

Fashion model Elizabeth Pipk comes out as a huge Trump supporter – even if it means LOSING her career!

23-year-old model Elizabeth Pipko is finally speaking out about being a Donald Trump supporter who worked full-time on his 2016 presidential campaign, a secret she kept from her industry colleagues, out of fear it could derail her career. Pipko went to great lengths to hide her political affiliation from the liberal-leaning fashion world, but is now coming clean about supporting the 45th President of the United States. Here’s something a little different. See also:  Judge Jeanine: Trump tries to make decisions that are best for you and me A fashion model has decided that her politics are more important than her modeling career and is letting everyone know now she’s been a huge Trump supporter from the beginning: FOX NEWS  – Elizabeth Pipko, a 23-year-old model who has appeared in Maxim, has kept a secret from her industry colleagues out of fear it could derail her career: She was a Donald Trump supporter and worked full-time on his 2016 presidential campaign. Here,

President Trump lost the shutdown and Nancy Pelosi won

I think it’s insane that people are pretending all those polls hitting Trump for the shutdown are fake, BUT, I did not realize that it was also hitting Nancy Pelosi too. IN fact, in this recent poll she got the worst net approval rating for the politicians polled: More NBC/WSJ poll: Pelosi’s negatives shot up during government shutdown more than any pol // now the most unpopular politician tested in the survey.  See Also:  Judge Jeanine: Trump tries to make decisions that are best for you and me (CNN) First things first:  The theme song of the week is The Tonight Show theme song by Rickey Minor. Poll of the week:  An ABC News/Washington Post poll finds that only 37% of Americans approve of the job President Donald Trump is doing. A significantly higher 58% disapprove. This makes for a net approval rating of -21 points. The previous ABC/Washington Post poll put Trump's net approval rating at -13 points, so his net approval rating fell by 8 points. What's th

Judge Jeanine: Trump tries to make decisions that are best for you and me

What separates President Trump from every other president, is that he’s not one to hold his finger to the political winds before he makes a decision. Oh boy Judge Jeannine went after Ann Coulter for saying that Trump lied about building the wall when he made the deal with the Democrats to re-open the government. And she defended his making a deal with Democrats to re-open the government. The whole segment is really worth watching, but the end is when she attacks Coulter, at about the 3 minute mark. Jeannine says that Coulter JUST DOESN’T CARE ABOUT REAL AMERICANS like the federal employees who were missing their paychecks, because Coulter is SO RICH. Ironically, this is literally, exactly, what the mainstream media is saying about Trump and his cabinet, like Wilbur Ross!! Jeannine also says that closing the government “tore” at Trump in the first place, but I seem to remember him saying that he was happy to do it, that he would take the blame for it, and that it didn’t m

Mick Mulvaney think President Trump wants $5.7 billion.

Mick Mulvaney explained this morning that Trump  was asking for $5.7 billion. Watch below: ROBERTS: All right. So, the president was asking for $5.7 billion. The vice president took the Congress day after Christmas and offer -- I think it was $2.4 billion. Are you stuck on the 5.7 or will you take less than that? MULVANEY: I think the president wants his $5.7 billion. Keep in mind, why is that number? It's not a number that's made up. It's what the experts have told him. He's listened to DHS. I have been on the meetings. He's listened to CBP. He's listened to ICE. We have identified the top 17 highest priorities in terms of where we can put up barriers to discourage people from crossing the border illegally. It's about 243 miles. That's what driving this discussion. It's not a made a magical number of $5.7 billion. It's the wall, where we need it the most and where we need it the quickest. That's what driving this. So, this no

Julian Castro answer is fantastically stupid: Trump's Wall Would Replace Statue Of Liberty As The Symbol Of America

2020 Democratic Presidential candidate Julian Castro discusses the border wall and the shutdown deal, how he plans to pay for his policies, and Howard Schultz's potential independent run for President. And, he  has one of the most fantastically stupid answers to Jake Tapper’s questioning that it is going to be really really hard to write this without cursing. CNN, JAKE TAPPER: Right. Earlier this month, Speaker of the House Pelosi said that the wall was -- quote -- "immoral." As you know, as you just stated, there are roughly 650 miles of existing wall, barrier, fencing at the border. Are they immoral? JULIAN CASTRO: Well, I don't think it represents the best of what America stands for. I think -- I believe that if we were to build the kind of wall that Donald Trump is talking about -- and, admittedly, as you know, sometimes, that's hard to figure out, because, some days, he says it's a beautiful big concrete wall, and, other days, he says it&#

Dakota Theriot KILLED his PARENTS and shoot more people

Louisiana -  A terrible story out of Louisiana as a 21-year-old man shot and killed his parents then went on a home invasion where he shot and killed three others. He is now on the run and the police are after him. From CBS News: Deputies with the Livingston Parish Sheriff’s Office were dispatched to a trailer park Saturday morning and discovered three people had been killed. In a Facebook post, police identified the victims as Billy Ernest, 43, Tanner Ernest, 17, and Summer Ernest, 20. WAFB reports that shortly after the bodies were discovered, police announced that a shooting at a home in Ascension Parish had left two people dead. The victims were identified as 50-year-old Elizabeth Theriot and her husband, 50-year-old Keith Theriot – the parents of the accused gunman. The couple was killed in the bedroom, authorities said. Police said the suspect was driving a gray 2004 Dodge pickup and was considered “armed and dangerous.”

Đại Thoại Tây Du 1 : A Chinese Odyssey Part I: Pandora's Box (Tây Du Ký I: Nguyệt Quang Bảo Hợp) - Châu Tinh Trì

Câu truyện kể về Tôn Ngộ Không khi ông và sư phụ đường tăng còn chưa cùng ý trí đến Tây Thiên thỉnh kinh. Ngô Thừa Ân cũng có kể sơ bộ về chuyện này (khi những Thầy trò đường tăng mới bắt đầu quen biết), trong tác phẩm của ông thì Ngộ Không bị thu phục bởi  chiếc " Vòng Kim Cô ". Trong phim này tác giả cũng muốn nói đến vấn đề này, và ông đã trình diễn giải theo một khí cạnh khác, một cái nhìn khác về siêu anh hùng Tề Thiên Đại Thánh. Nội dung đầy cảm động cùng với dàn sao đương thời nên đây là tác phẩm đáng xem nhất trong năm. Hiện nay có khá nhiều bộ phim ăn theo dạng này nhưng chưa có phim nào có thể sánh bằng, thôi không nói nhiều nữa, chúc các bạn xem phim vui vẽ. Các diễn viên chính:  Châu Tinh Trì  trong vai Chí Tôn Bảo, hậu thân của  Tôn Ngộ Không  và là bang chủ bang Lưỡi búa Ngô Mạnh Đạt  trong vai Nhị Đương Gia, hậu thân của  Trư Bát Giới  và là thủ hạ của bang chủ bang Lưỡi búa La Gia Anh  trong vai  Đường Tam Tạng Lam Khiết Anh  trong vai Xuân Tam T

Bishop apologizes to CovCath parents: We allowed ourselves to be ‘bullied’ into premature statement

The Bishop of Covington has been absolutely pummeled for originally condemning the kids of the Covington Catholic high school, and he’s reversed course and apologized. I think this might have had something to do with it: Last night, Todd McMurtry  @FitLwyr  and I delivered a preservation of evidence demand to Bishop Foys. This afternoon, he belatedly apologized to Nick by letter. Good first step but more is necessary in order to fully remedy the damage caused by his libelous statements. Good for them. I don’t fault them for what they did originally – there was not a lot of video evidence out there, and it took about a day for the blowback to show what actually happened. At the very least, they should be commended for apologizing and admitting they made a mistake. Here’s  the text of the letter: My dear Covington Catholic Parents, “Since Saturday, 19 January 2019 the events at the Lincoln Memorial following the annual March for Life have gained international atten